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Student Speaks

When I was admitted in VPM School, I felt like I didn’t belong here. But as time passed this school has taught me the importance of individuality in true sense. Just one year in this school has taught me about self-discipline, perseverance and responsibility. It has given me opportunities to explore and pursue what I like most.
Tanmay Mahajan ( Std – X)

Parent Speaks

I am very proud to have my child in Vikhe Patil Memorial School. Feel very happy place to see that teachers and students relations are friendly. The VPMS staff have the ability to tune in very quickly with each child to work out there strength and set target to achieve the best from individual. As parent we have been extremely happy with how our child has progressed. The staff seems to enjoy their work and never treat it as just a job. They love and care for all children and make learning an enjoyable experience. Even in the online session, they ensure to explain each concept properly.
Shubhangi Yeole( Std – X Parent)

We believe that better education drives the future. It has been an honour for our children to attend VPMS School – a true blessing for them. Equal opportunities are given in academics as well as co-curricular activities. I discovered qualities like confidence, love for reading, talent and discipline among my children. I also found among them social skill ability to cope up and develop a bond of friendship with others.
Saiee S Deshmankar (Std – IX Parent)


Sr. No. Teacher Name Class Teacher Subject Taught Class Taught
1 Mr. Jadhav Pandurang Puna Std – IX B Hindi Std – VII to X
2 Mrs. Kunde Varsha Chandrakant Std – VIII A Maths Std – VII to X
3 Mrs. Desale Malti Parag Std – X English, SST Std – VI & SST in Std VII to IX
4 Mr. Ahirrao Devdatta Punjaram Std – VIII B English, SST Std – IX & X
5 Mrs. Deore Madhavi Somnath Std – IX A Maths, Science Std – VIII to X
6 Mr. Solanki Bharat Sambhu Physical Education Std – I to X
7 Mrs. Bonde Rekha Suresh Std – VII English, SST Std – VII, VIII

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