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Student  Speaks

The Environment of school is so wonderful and refreshing!! The teachers are patient and supportive, and really know how to motivate we students. This helped me to build confidence. Teachers make the lessons interesting and keep us engaged through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills.
Kedareshwari Shinde ( Std – VII)

Parent speaks

As parents, we want our child to be the best in every field, we live our dreams seeing them grow. Nurture them with fondest care. The VPM School does the same. For this school, our child is their child. The school leaves no stone unturned to nurture the kids with utmost care and giving them a wonderful support for their development. All I can say is that the school has the best hands to bloom our buds.
Mr. Sachin B Ghodke (Std – V Parent)

I would like to express my appreciation towards all the teachers of VPM School, Nashik for the commendable job they are doing with the ‘Online Classes’. It truly is a new adventure for both the students and their teachers. Amid social distancing and stay home orders, teachers have turned out to be the real superheroes for our children.Preparing lessons, imparting the best of learning and at the same time maintaining discipline by keeping them engaged with various activities, all this without being physically present, calls for the highest appreciation. The presentations are well drafted, and every small point has been covered to ensure that the complete concept is clearly understood by children. I am incredibly grateful to all the teachers. Thank you so much!

Mrs.Suvarna S. Gholap (Std – VII Parent)


Sr. No. Teacher Name Class Teacher Subject Taught Class Taught
1 Mrs. Chaudhari Shital Vasudev Std – I A English Std – I , II
2 Mrs. Chaudhari Bhaghyshree Dnyaneshwar Std – I B SST, Marathi Std – IV,
3 Mrs. Pawar Manisha Yogesh Std – II A Maths, EVS Std – I
4 Miss. Bhumika Babanrao Kamble Std – II B Maths Std – II, III
5 Mrs. Deore Unnatee Umesh Std – III A English, SST Std – II , III
6 Mrs. Wakchoure Aparna Hemant Std – III B Science Std – III , IV
7 Mrs. Dhande Usha Laxman Std – IV A Marathi, Music Std – I, VI & Music Std – I to VIII
8 Mrs. Mundhe Ranjana Ramesh Std – IV – B English, SST Std – IV, V
9 Mrs. Patil Vidya Vishal Std – V Science, SST Std – V, VI & SST in V
10 Mr. Jadhav Sagar Nivrutti Std – VI A Maths Std – IV, V, VI
11 Mrs. Shinde Roshani Hemant Std – VI B Hindi, Marathi Std – I to VI, Std – IV, V
12 Mrs. Ahire Chandrakala Deepak Marathi Std – VI to X
13 Mrs. Shelar Vrushali Laxmikant EVS, SST Std – II & SST in Std – VI
14 Mrs. Sabale Sadhana Yashwant Computer, WE Std – I to IV & WE – I, II

Primary – Book List

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